Our vision for the Youth Ministry is to establish in the hearts of the Youth an active faith toward God and His Word. The Youth Department is made up of individuals from all different backgrounds. We are not concerned about race, religion or denomination, we are only focused on developing a powerful relationship with Jesus.

All of our staff must adequately qualify to work in the Children’s Ministry. Each volunteer has completed a thorough training program. Our staff has been trained to lead worship, prayer and present Biblical Learning Materials with a hands-on approach to help children develop a healthy positive attitude toward God and church.

Youth Sunday School begins at 9:30
7th -9th Grades
10th – 12th Grades

Bible Studies start at 7:30 pm Tuesday. On Tuesday nights, Jordan Grove offers youth grades seven through twelve an opportunity to discuss life issues in a gender specific Bible Study. This is a laid back, issue driven Bible study that deals with issues such as relating to parents, self-esteem, controlling your attitude, friendships and dating, the pressures of growing up and more! We invite all youth to come and experience this dynamic, awesome Bible study.

The Jordan Grove Drill Team is a powerful minisry which combines precision marching and movements with scripture and songs. The ministry spreads the Gospel of Christ, while teaching participants the Word of God and the discipline needed to live a life that is pleasing to God. The ministry is open to children and youth ages five through eighteen.

The Jordan Grove praise dance ministry is comprised of three different groups: Jewels for Jesus (all female); Young Men of the Covenant (all male); and The Shepherd Boys (mime). Generally, groups will minister en masse but may, on occasion, minister separately. The purpose of the dance ministry is to exalt, magnify, praise, and honor God through dance. The goal of the ministry is to bring our young people into the knowledge and desire that they can minister to God and others through the expression of appropriate dance.

We welcome members who are willing to commit to fulfilling the purpose and goals of the ministry.