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Step into a realm of empowerment and sisterhood at the Annual Women & Girls Conference, graciously presented by the esteemed Women’s Ministry of Jordan Grove Missionary Baptist Church. This empowering event promises a day filled with fellowship, inspiration, and growth, designed to uplift and celebrate the strength and resilience, guiding women and girls on a journey of self-discovery, faith, and community.

Saturday, May 25, 2024 @ 9:00 AM:


An Inspiring Conference with Dr. Anieka Simmons: Embark on a transformative journey as Dr. Anieka Simmons, a beacon of wisdom and compassion, takes the stage. With her profound insights and empowering messages, Dr. Simmons will ignite the flames of possibility within each attendee, encouraging them to embrace their unique strengths and passions.

Fellowship & Fun: Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, this weekend offers a sanctuary for connection and camaraderie. Engage in heartfelt conversations, share laughter, and forge bonds that transcend the confines of time and space.

Nourishment for Body & Soul: Indulge in the delectable delights prepared with love by our dedicated team. As you savor each bite, let the nourishment of both body and soul fuel your spirit, preparing you for the transformative experiences that lie ahead.

Moments of Reflection & Prayer: In the quiet moments of introspection and communal prayer, find solace and renewal. Embrace the opportunity to connect with the divine and center your spirit, drawing strength from the collective energy of the community.

Networking & Building Connections: Seize the chance to expand your circle of influence, forging new connections and collaborations that enrich both your personal and professional life. Discover kindred spirits who share your passions and aspirations, propelling you towards greater heights of success and fulfillment.

A Celebration of Womanhood & Faith: Above all, this weekend serves as a celebration of the multifaceted beauty of womanhood and the unwavering strength of faith. Together, let us honor the resilience, courage, and grace that define our shared journey, empowering one another to rise and thrive in every aspect of our lives.