Phone Number

(713) 522-8000


Chidren & Youth

Children Ministry

The purpose of the JGMBC children ministry is bring children into an age-appropriate WORSHIP atmosphere where they are taught and trained how they can BELONG to the family of God.  They will establish and develop their relationship with God through SERVING and SHARING Christ with others.

Youth Ministry

In partnerships with families, the youth ministry of JGMBC exists to engage all students under its care in extensive training which teaches them to live independently in Christ.  Transformed and equipped, they then are ready to be sent out as exceptional, Godly men and women of integrity who can and will change their homes, schools, churches, and workplaces for Christ.

Sunday School Faculty & Staff

Sis. Felicia Sneed, Director | Sis. Jacqueline Zeno | Sis. Valerie Jackson | Sis. Robbin Duplessis | Bro. Timothy Patterson | Sis. Cheryl Grass | Sis. Gloria Russell | Sis. Deborah Smith | Sis. Sarah Beverly | Bro. Phillip Frear | Sis. Kristy LeRoy | Sis. Lisa Waddell