Phone Number

(713) 522-8000


Music Ministry

The mission of the Jordan Grove Music Ministry is to proclaim the word of God through music by providing an effective and spiritual music program that will enhance our worship experience.  Lead the congregation into a praise and worship experience that prepares our heart, soul and mind to receive the Word of God.

Music Ministry Staff

Sharon Richard, Minister of Music
Willadene Glover, Accompanist
Jerald Ned, Organist
Terrance Bullard, Percussionist
Jordan Treadville, Bass
Chelsie Blackmon, Saxophonist

Music Ministries

JG Praise Team
Inspirational Choir (Adults)
King’s Kids (Children K-5)
Joyful Noise (Youth 6-12)
Men’s Chorus (All Men)
Voices Of Praise (Young Adults)
Mission Choir (All Women)
Hand Bell Ensemble
JG Drama Ministry

Ambassadors For Christ (Praise Dancers)

To go ye therefore making Disciples of Christ and teaching them to follow the examples of Christ.  To continue a ministry of praise and worship which glorify God and ushers in his Holy Spirit through dance.  To be the unspoken words that opens the door for salvation, healing, and deliverance.

Gloria Russell, Director