Phone Number

(713) 522-8000


Scholarship Ministry

The primary mission of the Jordan Grove Scholarship Ministry is to facilitate the awarding of funds donated for scholarships by members and friends of Jordan Grove.  The funds help ease the financial burden, enabling our scholars to concentrate on their academic aspirations and spiritual growth.

Scholarship Committee

Alma Bigby | Drucilla Bolden | Venita Coleman | Travis Johnson Sr. | Shannon Treadville | Lisa Waddell, Chair | Deborah Washington

Scholarship Application

We invite eligible high school graduates and currently enrolled college students to apply for Jordan Grove Missionary Baptist Church scholarship awards. Scholarships are awarded for academic pursuits only and recipients are required to maintain a minimum course load of 12 semester hours and a 2.5 GPA while attending an institution of higher learning. 

Our Mission

Our scholars are expected to continue on a trajectory of spiritual growth by uniting with a Christ-centered church while in school and attending worship and church functions when home.

In addition to managing the application and award processes, the committee shares information on other scholarship opportunities, encourages youth to engage in college and career readiness exposure and activities, and connects youth to higher education resources.

Our ultimate goal is for our church body to play an active role in the academic, spiritual, and personal growth of our scholars as they mature; equipping them to make valuable contributions to their communities, the Body of Christ, and Jordan Grove.  We desire to see our students do their best (Phillipians 4:13) and let their lights shine at all times (Matthew 5:16).